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Forest Health

Roosevelt State Park lake and trees

Forest Pests

There are a number of insect species of concern to the Mississippi Forestry Commission. These insects can cause major damage to tree stands and, if the infestation is severe enough, completely wipe out a stand. The Mississippi Forestry Commission assists Mississippi timber owners in forest pest management by conducting forest pest surveys and evaluations. Featured insects include:

Invasive Plants

Learn about some of Mississippi’s most harmful invasive plants, including where they came from, the threats they pose, and the control methods used to mitigate them.

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases are a significant threat to Mississippi’s trees. Diseases cause 45% of all mortality and degradation in our forests.

  • Annosus Root Rot
  • Brown Spot Needle Blight
  • Fusiform Rust
  • Hardwood Decay (Heart Rot)
  • Laurel Wilt Disease
  • Littleleaf Disease
  • Loblolly Pine Decline

Water Quality and Forestry Best Management Practices

The Mississippi Forestry Commission’s role in water quality is to monitor best management practices.