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Urban and Community Forestry

The Mississippi Forestry Commission provides assistance and training to urban areas in developing community forestry programs.

Caring for the Trees Where We Live, Work, and Play

This Story Map showcases Urban Forestry in Mississippi.

Urban and Community Forestry Program

The Urban and Community Forestry (U&CF) Program provides technical assistance to support U&CF planning, training, and continuing education, demonstration projects, and assistance in developing viable and continuing U&CF programs.

Municipalities and Communities – The MFC U&CF Program provides assistance and training for urban areas in developing community forestry programs and components, such as tree ordinances, street tree inventories, and urban forest management plans.

Developers and Building Contractors – The MFC provides developers and building contractors with technical advice on tree preservation during site planning and construction.

Homeowners and Residents – The MFC helps homeowners with advice on insects, diseases, and other tree care problems.

Professionals and Volunteers – The MFC supports outreach, training, and continuing education opportunities for certified arborists and tree care professionals, as well as U&CF volunteers across the state.

Arbor Day and Arbor Day Foundation Programs

Arbor Day

On the second Friday of February each year, the state of Mississippi celebrates Arbor Day with events across the state.

Arbor Day Events, Tree Giveaways, and Sales

Counties, cities and other entities across the state celebrate Arbor Day by selling or giving away seedlings and hosting observance events and tree-planting ceremonies.

Arbor Day Foundation Programs

MFC serves as a liaison for Arbor Day Foundation assistance and recognition programming in the state. Recognition programs are available for communities, utilities, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and health institutions. Tree City USA® designated communities qualify for complimentary use of the TreePlotter web-based tree inventory program offered through the MFC.

Community Tree Care

Find information for selecting tree care professionals as well as resources and tools for taking care of trees on your property and in your community.

Urban and Community Forestry Grant Programs

U&CF Grant Program

Funds are available for the development of long-term, self-sustaining urban and community forestry programs.

Community Forest Program

A competitive, national grant program that provides financial assistance to acquire and establish community forests.

Popcorn Tree Control Program

Chinese tallow, also known as the popcorn tree, looks harmless and attractive as an ornamental, but it is highly invasive and will quickly damage the native ecosystem. MFC encourages reports of the location of these trees through the MS Invasive Species Tracking App so that a better understanding of the problem may be obtained.

Municipal Assistance for Popcorn Trees

The MFC UCF Program is currently taking applications from municipal governments statewide to assist with popcorn tree control on public property.  To apply, please contact:


More Information

For more information on the Urban & Community Forestry Program, please contact:

Alex Ballard