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Timber Industry

Sell Your Timber

If you’re a private landowner interested in selling your timber, rely on the expertise of a registered forester to develop a forest management plan and plan your harvest, determine your selling method, make a contract, and monitor the harvest and closeout.

Reforestation Tax Credit

The Mississippi Reforestation Tax Credit provides a Mississippi income tax credit of up to 50% of the cost of approved hardwood and pine reforestation practices. The tax credit promotes the reforestation of non-industrial private forestland.

Learn more about who qualifies for this tax credit and how to take advantage of the credit.

Tree Planting Resources

If you’re a private landowner, see our Tree Planting Resources for information on the types of trees that are right for your land, where to buy seedlings, and proper planting procedures.

Timber Buyers

Click here to sign up for the email timber prospectus.

Forestry Vendors

View a listing of Forestry Vendors in Mississippi.

If you are a vendor offering services for Tree planting, Herbicide Treatment, Site Prep, or Prescribed Fire and would like to be added to our list of vendors, please fill out the Vendor Application.

Forest Industry Directory

The Mississippi Forest Industry Directory highlights timber mills and forest products in Mississippi. It was last updated in March 2024, drawing from MFC field visits and supplemented by the USDA Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) survey data. MFC will continue to update the directory to incorporate new data from field visits or surveys and any changes in the forestry industry landscape. Click here for the Forest Industry Directory.