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Burning Info

Request a Burn Permit

The Mississippi Forestry Commission issues burning permits based on the daily fire weather forecast. Permits are required for any fire set for a recognized agricultural and/or forestry purpose. Learn about what information you’ll need to request a burn permit and how to apply for one.

Burn Bans

Burn bans are restrictions on outdoor burning during drought or wildfire conditions. The County Board of Supervisors normally requests burn bans, and the Mississippi Forestry Commission approves the requests. All burn bans expire at midnight on the stated date of expiration.

Prescribed Burning

Learn about the benefits and challenges of prescribed burning, a carefully controlled method of forest management that, when done correctly, leads to healthier and more productive forests. We answer:

  • What is Prescribed Fire?
  • Prescribed Fire Process
  • Prescribed Fire Benefits
  • Prescribed Fire Challenges

Fire Weather

The Fire Weather resource page brings together all data needed to make sound decisions and long range plans to ensure the adequate allocation of resources needed for pre-suppression and suppression of wildfires.

Smoke Management Tools

Smoke management is a key component of any prescribed fire plan. Learn more about available smoke management tools.