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Request a Burn Permit

The Mississippi Forestry Commission issues burning permits based on the daily fire weather forecast. Permits are recommended for any fire set for a recognized agricultural and/or forestry purpose; however, permits are required to qualify for protections under the MS Prescribed Burning Act (§ 49-19-307).

Mississippi Prescibed Burning Act (§ 49-19-307)

Call the Mississippi Forestry Commission

Call the Mississippi Forestry Commission’s Central Dispatch Number to request a burn permit or report a wildfire.

Information You Need

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Type of burning (agriculture or forestry)
  • Number of acres
  • Forestry purpose (hazard reduction, control undesirable species, control disease, site prep, wildlife management, or other)
  • Landowner name
  • The person responsible for the fire
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Location of property (40, section, township, and range)
  • Beginning date, end date, and time of fire
  • Minimum requirements for a permit are 3.5 m/s transport wind speed and 500 meters mixing height OR 3.0 m/s transport wind speed and 890 meters mixing height.

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s Open Burning Regulations

Visit the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s website to view the state’s open burning regulations.