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Invasive Species Programs

Mississippi is home to a number of invasive plants and insect species that pose a significant threat to our forests. Mississippi Forestry Commission is involved in several programs to help combat these invasive species.

Popcorn Tree Control Program

Chinese Tallow, also known as a Popcorn tree, is one of the worst invasive plants in Mississippi. It spreads like wildfire, overtaking native vegetation, damaging wildlife habitats, and destroying nature’s balance. Help Stop the Pop, MFC’s popcorn tree control program, aims to track popcorn trees and educate landowners about proper tree removal.

Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program

The Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program helps to reduce the threat of the Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) by sharing the costs with landowners to help inspect their property and thin their pine stands.

Cogongrass Control Program

Landowners with cogongrass infestations may apply for free herbicide treatments through the Mississippi Forestry Commission’s Cogongrass Control Program.

Cogongrass, an invasive, non-native grass, is considered one of the “Top 10 Worst Weeds in the World.” It affects pine productivity and survival, wildlife habitat, recreation, native plants, fire behavior, site management costs, and more.