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Tallow Tree/Popcorn Tree

MFC aims to track popcorn trees, assist municipalities with popcorn tree control, and educate landowners about proper tree removal.

The leaves and seeds of the Popcorn Tree

Report Popcorn Trees with the MS Invasive Species Tracking App

The Chinese Tallow Tree, also known as the popcorn tree, is deceptive. They look attractive and ornamental, but they are highly invasive and will quickly damage the native ecosystem wherever they are planted. By reporting the location of these trees, you can help MFC get a complete picture of Mississippi’s popcorn tree problem, which is the first step to combating the spread of this invasive species.

Help stop the spread of this invasive species by reporting sightings in the app.

Municipal Assistance for Popcorn Trees

MFC accepts applications from municipal governments statewide to assist with popcorn control on public property. To apply, please contact:

Alex Ballard

Resources and Information for Landowners

MFC encourages private landowners to pursue Chinese Tallow Tree control on their properties.

Control Methods

  • Cut down large trees with a chainsaw and treat the outer two inches of the cut surface of the stump with undiluted glyphosate concentrate or a triclopyr-based product.
  • Large saplings can be treated similarly, taking care to treat the entire cut surface.
  • If seed capsules are present on cut limbs, collect and bag these and dispose of them in a heavy garbage bag so they do not spread.
  • Monitor for seedlings and continue control as needed.

More Information and Further Reading