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New 2024 Grant Application Now Available for MS Forestry Commission Urban and Community Forestry Program

MFC’s Urban and Community Forestry Program is thrilled to announce the release of the new 2024 grant application. Starting today, interested parties can access the application on our website until April 15, 2024. These grants, made possible by funding from the USDA and US Forest Service Federal grants, including the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Grant, and the Urban and Community Forestry Grant, aim to support eligible projects across the state. Funds may be awarded to units of local governments (city, town, county), non-profit organizations, or educational institutions. Other organizations, such as community tree volunteer groups, neighborhood associations, or civic groups that are not 501(c)3 eligible, must apply in partnership with a non-profit organization or with their local government. All grant recipients must be able to receive grant funds via Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs).

The MS Forestry Commission Urban and Community Forestry Program is dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of urban and community forests in Mississippi. Through grants, the program aims to enhance residents’ quality of life and improve the overall health and vitality of our urban forests.

To learn more about the eligible projects and application process, interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to visit the Urban and Community Forestry Grant Programs webpage. Please click here for the link to the application. The Request for Application, containing detailed information about the grants, can be found on the webpage as well.

“We are excited to offer these grants to support projects that contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our urban and community forests,” said Alex Ballard, MFC’s Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator. “Through these grants, we hope to foster partnerships and initiatives that will have a lasting positive impact on our communities.”

The MS Forestry Commission Urban and Community Forestry Program invites all eligible applicants to take advantage of this opportunity and submit their grant applications before the deadline. Together, we can work towards creating greener, healthier, and more vibrant communities across Mississippi.