Caring for the trees where we live, work, and play


Wooded Playground

The Mississippi Forestry Commission provides assistance and training to urban area in developing community forestry programs. This includes assistance with tree ordinances, street tree inventories, and urban forest management plans. The Mississippi Forestry Commission also assists builders in the form of technical advice on tree preservation during construction and helps homeowners with advice on insects, diseases, and other tree care problems. Many urban residents owning forestland are reached with information about improving the condition of their rural timberland through the Mississippi Forestry Commission's Urban Forestry Program.


Benefits of Trees in Urban Areas – Why we need to care for trees varies from benefits of stormwater management to energy savings and a multitude of other vital elements.

Community Tree Care - Manuals, selection guides, studies, information, and links to tree ordinance example, and programs such as Tree City USA.

My Tree Is Sick, What Do I Do?  Check for resources for sick trees.

Professional and Tree Care Advice - View a list of tree appraisers or link to lists of professional foresters, tree surgeons, and certified arborists.  Get information on tree planting, maintenance and common tree problems.
Preserving Trees in Construction Sites - Protection and the highest quality of care are the keys to preserving trees in construction sites.  Health decline and death following construction are usually caused by damage inflicted on the root system.
Tree Protection Standards in Construction Sites - This guide gives your trees the best chance of survival both during and after construction.  Use these standards to show a reasonable effort on your part to protect trees from damage.
Other links for Urban and Community Forestry

Photo by Leslie Robertson, courtesy National Association of State Foresters

For more information on the Urban and Community Forestry program, please contact: 

Misty Booth
Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator