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Statewide Burn Ban Lifted

Effective October 26, 2015, Governor Phil Bryant issued a proclamation lifting the statewide burn ban. The statewide burn ban was lifted as a result of increased precipitation, forecasted weather patterns, and decreased fire occurrence throughout the state of Mississippi.

There are still several counties that will remain under individual burn bans which were issued prior to the statewide burn ban. For the counties that are still under burn bans, each County Board of Supervisors has the option to lift their burn ban, allow it to expire on the predetermined deadline, or to extend their burn ban. The option they choose will likely depend on the rainfall amount, wildfire occurrence, and weather forecast for their area.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission would like to commend our wildland firefighters, who did an outstanding job during this dangerous time. Each one of them worked long hours to protect people’s lives, properties, and our state’s natural resources.

Please continue to use care when engaging in outdoor burning activities even though the statewide ban has been lifted. Remember: nine out of ten wildfires are caused by humans and are completely preventable. Do not burn on windy days and observe weather conditions before you do any outdoor burning.

Attached is a list of counties that will remain under a county burn ban as of today (10-26-15 at 4:35 pm). This list will be updated on our website as counties send in requests to lift their burn bans (click here to view the most updated list of burn bans). If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Mississippi Forestry Commission with the contact information listed above.

County Date Issued Date Expires Exemptions
(see below)
Hinds Co.07-21-201511-15-20152,5
Adams Co.08-03-201510-31-20152,4,5
Copiah Co.08-03-201511-09-20152,3,5
Franklin Co.08-03-201511-02-20152,3,5
Rankin Co.09-03-201510-30-20152,3,5
Lincoln Co.09-08-201511-02-20151
Smith Co.09-08-201511-08-20152,3,5,6
JeffersonDavis Co.09-08-2015Until Further Notice1
Simpson Co.09-14-201511-17-20152,3,5
Lawrence Co.09-21-201510-26-20151
Lauderdale Co.09-25-2015Until Further Notice2,3
Pike Co.10-05-201510-30-20151
Panola Co.10-05-201511-02-20152,3
Amite Co.10-05-201510-26-20152,3
Washington Co.10-05-2015Until Further Notice1
Tallahatchie Co.10-05-2015Until Further Notice1
Walthall Co.10-05-201510-31-20152,3
Holmes Co.10-06-201511-06-20151
Humphreys Co.10-06-201511-05-20156
Grenada Co.10-08-201511-08-20152
Covington Co.10-09-201510-31-20152,3
Yalobusha Co.10-09-201511-09-20151
Marion Co.10-12-201510-31-20152
Warren Co.10-12-201511-12-20152,3,4,6
Attala Co.10-13-2015Until Further Notice2,3
Lowndes Co.10-15-201510-30-20152,3,4,5,6
Oktibbeha Co.10-15-201510-29-20152,3
Jones Co.10-15-2015Until Further Notice1
Tate Co.10-16-201511-15-20152,3,6
Neshoba Co.10-16-201511-05-20152
Wayne Co.10-16-2015Until Further Notice2,3
Scott Co.10-16-201511-16-20152,3
Marshall Co.10-19-201511-18-20152
Union Co.10-19-201511-16-20152
Monroe Co.10-19-201511-02-20152,4
Webster Co.10-19-201510-31-20152
Lawrence Co.10-19-201511-16-20151
Leake Co.10-19-2015Until Further Notice2,3,5
Tishomingo Co.10-19-201511-02-20151
DeSoto Co.10-19-201511-16-20151
Clarke Co.10-19-201511-23-20151
Lafayette Co.10-20-201512-07-20152
Chickasaw Co.10-20-201511-02-20152

Any person who knowingly and willfully violates a burning ban is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be fined not less than $100 and not more than $500. Section 49-19-351 of MS Code of 1972, as amended).

Types of Exemptions:

  1. No exemptions from this burn ban
  2. Mississippi Forestry Commission
  3. Certified Burn Managers
  4. County Fire Services
  5. Commercial contractors with heavy construction equipment, providing that said burn meets the State’s DEQ regulations. MDEQ regulations regarding open burning of brush piles require a separation distance of 1,500 feet from a residence without forced air assistance and 500 feet with forced air assistance.
  6. Agriculture field burn
  7. Other