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MFC’s Volunteer Firefighter Assistance Grant Application is Now Accepting Online Applications

MFC is pleased to announce that the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program is now accepting grant applications from rural volunteer fire departments (VFDs) across the state. This program aims to provide financial support to eligible VFDs to procure wildland firefighting equipment. Administered by the MFC through a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of rural fire departments.

MFC encourages all eligible VFDs to submit their grant applications by March 6, 2024. Interested applicants can access the application here.

Through this grant program, VFDs can acquire essential equipment that will aid them in effectively combating wildfires. The MFC recognizes the invaluable service these dedicated volunteers provide and is committed to supporting their efforts in safeguarding Mississippi’s forests and communities.

To be eligible for the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program, VFDs must meet specific criteria outlined in the application guidelines. The MFC encourages VFDs to carefully review the requirements and ensure all necessary documentation is included in their application.

For more information about the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program or the grant application process, click here. The MFC is dedicated to assisting VFDs in protecting lives, property, and natural resources from the threat of wildfires.