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Southern Pine Beetle Map Release

The MFC introduces an interactive map which includes data from the most recent Forest Health flights as well as data provided by the U.S. Forest Service.

Southern Pine Beetle Activity Map: Privately Owned Forestland

The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) completes Forest Health flights twice annually to monitor forest health issues, such as the southern pine beetle. The interactive map includes data from the most recent flights as well as data provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Verification of this data from the ground has not taken place at this time. The southern pine beetle is said to be the most destructive insect pest of pine forests in the South, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

The map linked below shows the location of 169 suspected southern pine beetle spots identified on privately owned forestland in Mississippi.

To view the interactive map, click here.

What can private forest landowners do to prevent a southern pine beetle infestation?
“We encourage landowners to be proactive in their forest management. In fact, the MFC has a Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program, which provides cost-share funds to encourage private forest landowners to thin their dense pine stand before the next southern pine beetle outbreak,” said Todd Matthews, Urban Forestry & Forest Health Coordinator for the Mississippi Forestry Commission. “Much of our current strategy for managing southern yellow pine timber is based on past experience with southern pine beetle outbreaks. Healthy stands of timber that have been properly thinned and managed are less susceptible to southern pine beetle damage.”

Private forest landowners with concerns about potential southern pine beetle activity on their property should contact their Mississippi Forestry Commission Area Forester. To find the Area Forester for each county, visit our Find Your Forester page and click on the appropriate county.

More information on how to identify the southern pine beetle and signs of attack may be found by visiting this page.

To learn more about the programs and resources we offer private landowners in Mississippi, please visit our website and follow us on social media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Map of Mississippi, with green circles around several areas