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Wildfire Weekend Report March 2013

Mississippi experienced an increase in wildfire activity, with debris burning and arson as the two leading causes of these wildfires.

The Weekend Wildfire Numbers for MS

Tennessee and South Carolina were devastated by wildfires that destroyed many homes this past weekend.

Mississippi also experienced an increase in wildfire activity. The MS Forestry Commission reported 78 wildfires, burning 951 acres, destroying 2 residences, and 6 out buildings just on Saturday and Sunday. 157 residences, 2 commercial buildings and 72 outbuildings were threatened. The two leading causes of these wildfires were debris burning and arson.

In Southeast MS, one occupied residence was lost in Pearl River County due to debris burning, and one vacant residence was lost in George County as a result of arson.

As proclaimed by Governor Bryant, March is designated as Wildfire Prevention Month. More wildfires occur statewide in March than in any other month. All property owners should use caution when conducting any outdoor burning, especially this time of year.

We do not want to make the news headlines for homes lost due to wildfire just as Tennessee and South Carolina have this past weekend. Just remember if you light it, then you are responsible for it, and that could make for an expensive fire if you are held liable.

Be smart and remember 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by people, so that means that 9 out of 10 wildfires can be prevented. For up-to-date wildfire info, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. More information about wildfires, including phone numbers to call if you spot a wildfire, can be found on our website at the link above.

All property owners are encouraged not to burn on windy days!