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Firefighter Property Program

Under the authority of the USDA Forest Service, the Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) obtains excess equipment that is no longer needed by the federal government. The MFC transfers this equipment, through cooperative agreements to Volunteer Fire Departments or other authorized entities.

Who Qualifies for the Firefighter Property Program

Any community, organized fire district, or department with an assigned or assumed fire suppression responsibility over any portion of the state is eligible to receive Department of Defense (DoD) Firefighter Property Program (FFP) equipment.

FFP Program Provisions

Fire department or authorized entities receiving FFP property must follow these provisions:

  • Recipients of FFP equipment must sign a “Cooperative Equipment Agreement” with the MFC at the time they accept the property.
  • Request for transfer of DoD Firefighter property can only be made on equipment that can effectively be made usable and put into service for firefighting and/or emergency use.
  • The VFD or Authorized Entity accepts title of said property in the VFD or Entity name (not an individual member of the VFD or Entity).
  • Maintains property records for a minimum of six years after acquisition of said property.
  • Cooperators must secure and maintain liability insurance on vehicles in their use.
  • Cooperators are responsible for painting and placing the equipment in operation within six months of receipt.
  • Cooperators must maintain equipment in operable condition, and make it available for inspection at the request of the MFC, USDA Forest Service, DoD Office of Inspector General and the Comptroller General of the United States or his authorized representative.
  • Owners of Firefighter Program property will cooperate with Federal and State parties to ensure compliance in Federal and State regulations and programs and property management requirements.

Firefighter Program Forms

The FFP Equipment Request Form must be completed, signed by appropriate parties, and returned to the MFC for the application to be valid.

Contact MFC

For more information about the Firefighter Property Program, contact: 
T. Keith Beatty
MFC Rural Fire Assistance Coordinator