The Mississippi Forest Inventory (MFI) program was responsible for developing and implementing Mississippi's forest resource inventory until 2017. At the present time, Mississippi's forest inventory data is provided by the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program, which provides the information needed to assess America's forests. The Forest Service significantly enhanced the FIA program by changing from a periodic survey to an annual survey, by increasing their capacity to analyze and publish data, and by expanding the scope of data collection to include soil, under story vegetation, tree crown conditions, coarse woody debris, and lichen community composition on a subsample of our plots. The FIA program has also expanded to include the sampling of urban trees on all land use types in select cities. 

As the Nation's continuous forest census, the FIA program projects how forests are likely to appear 10 to 50 years from now. This enables us to evaluate whether current forest management practices are sustainable in the long run and to assess whether current policies will allow the next generation to enjoy America's forests as we do today. FIA reports on status and trends in forest area and location; in the species, size, and health of trees; in total tree growth, mortality, and removals by harvest;  in wood production and utilization rates by various products; and in forest land ownership. FIA is managed by the Research and Development organization within the USDA Forest Service in cooperation with State and Private Forestry and National Forest Systems. FIA traces it's origin back to the McSweeney - McNary Forest Research Act of 1928 (P.L. 70-466). This law initiated the first inventories starting in 1930 (source:

Click here to view a directory of primary or secondary forest products manufacturers in the Southeast (which produce lumber, plywood, pulp, paper and other wood products using roundwood logs as a raw material). Click on Primary Forest Products Locator, then select your state from the drop-down menu to see mill locations and types.

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Southern Timber Supply Analysis Application:  Leveraging the US Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data, this tool allows users to perform custom analyses of timber supply within specified areas based on either distance (radius) or drive time from a specified point.  The application will generate summary statistics for the area and if desired, a full report.  Users can also generate “standard” state-level reports by weight or volume for any or all ownership types. 


Publications from the Mississippi Statewide Forest Inventory

 mfi data collection map
Delta Mississippi Forest Inventory 2016-2017
North Mississippi Forest Inventory 2015-2016
Central Mississippi Forest Inventory 2014-2015
Delta Mississippi Forest Inventory 2009
North Mississippi Forest Inventory 2008
Central Mississippi Forest Inventory 2007
Southeast Mississippi Forest Inventory 2013-2014
Southwest Mississippi Forest Inventory 2012-2013
Initial Estimates of Hurricane Katrina Impacts on Mississippi Gulf Coast Forest Resources  (Mississippi Institute of Forest Inventory and USDA Forest Service.)




Selected Publications from the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station

Mississippi's Timber Industry - An Assessment of Timber Products Output and Use, 2002 - Authors: Howell, Michael; Johnson, Tony G.; Bentley, James W.
Forest Statistics for Mississippi Counties 1994 -  Authors:  Hartsell, Andrew J.; London, Jack D. 
The South's Timber Industry - An Assessment of Timber Product Output and Use, 2003 - Authors:  Johnson, Tony G.; Bentley, James W.; Howell, Michael.  
Southern Pulpwood Production, 2004 - Authors:  Johnson, Tony G.; Steppleton, Carolyn D.
Southern Pulpwood Production, 2003 - Authors:   Johnson, Tony G.; Steppleton, Carolyn D.
Southern Pulpwood production, 2002 - Authors: Johnson, Tony G.; Steppleton, Carolyn D. 

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