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Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report

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Message from the State Forester

Forests make significant, positive contributions to the quality of life for Mississippians. By providing almost 70,000 jobs, a wealth of forest products, improved water quality, green spaces, wildlife habitats, recreational experiences, and economic benefits, forests are vital to the health of our state. In addition, the forestry and forest products industry has a $12.79 billion annual economic impact.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) protects Mississippi’s forestland from wildfire, sustainably manages approximately 485,000 acres of forested non-federal public land, and delivers quality forest management services and assistance to rural and urban private landowners.

FY 2022 saw some positives for Mississippi’s forestry and forest products industry. In particular, we had several mills open in the state. Over the past year, lumber demand and prices have increased dramatically, yet timber prices have remained low. Getting these new mills to locate in Mississippi was a team effort.

I want to thank all of our economic development partners, at the state and local levels, for their work in securing these new facilities. These new mills will go a long way in creating healthier timber markets in Mississippi. And as I like to say, healthy markets lead to healthy forests, which lead to healthy lives.

I want to give a special word of thanks to the MFC’s partners who support, collaborate, and implement many of our programs and services. We work hard to maintain and develop relationships with natural resource agencies, organizations, and individuals. These partnerships ensure the citizens of Mississippi receive the best assistance and service possible.

I would also like to thank our state leaders, commissioners, staff, and citizens for their continued support and assistance in making FY 2022 a productive year.

The MFC is proud of our service to the public and our protection of the state’s valuable forest resources. The MFC looks forward to the continued privilege of caring for Mississippi’s trees, forests, and natural resources.

Please feel free to contact our office anytime.

Forest Management

The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) is charged with promoting sound forest management practices, which help maintain the integrity of the environment and provide for our state’s future natural resource needs.

The MFC offers a variety of forest management programs and services to assist private landowners. The MFC also provides forest management assistance on School Trust forestland in Mississippi.

The Forest Management Department provides private forest landowners with limited on-the-ground services, technical assistance, cost-share assistance, and advice to increase timber production and provide for the sustainable management of forest resources.

FY22 Forest Management Accomplishments

Private Land Activities
Landowners Assisted 7,945
*Total Forest Management Plans 1,390
Acres under Management Plans 63,324
Prescribed Burning (Acres) 9,963


Public Land Activities
Timber Sale Receipts $9,070,467
Number of Sales 100
Acres Regenerated 31,157
Boundary Line Maintenance (Miles) 418
Firebreak Maintenance (Miles) 487
Prescribed Burning (Acres) 6,105


Prescribed Burning
Private & Public Land Total (Acres) 10,068


Forest Resource Development Program
Acres Regenerated or Improved 121,140
Funds Distributed $1,986,485


Invasive Plant Control Program for Cogongrass Suppression
Landowners Inspected 16
Total Infested Spots Treated 1,242
Total Infested Acres Treated 294


Quick Facts

Forest Protection

MFC Wildland Firefighters work long hours in demanding and dangerous conditions to protect lives, homes, and natural resources. The MFC suppresses, monitors, and detects wildfire activity occurring day and night on approximately 19.2 million acres of forestland statewide.

FY22 Wildfires by Cause

Cause Wildfires Acres Burned
Debris Burning 676 15,796
Incendiary 304 10,226
Equipment Use 37 543
Undetermined 346 12,398
Lightning 5 101
Smoking 7 90
Campfire 3 11
Railroad 1 4
Total 1,142 40,212

Quick Facts

Forest Information

During FY22, the Public Outreach Division of the Forest Information Department continued to provide public information, outreach programs, and area communication support for the MFC. The MFC maintains an active Public Outreach Program designed to heighten the public’s awareness of wildfire prevention, the MFC’s mission, services, and the importance of forest resources. Local outreach activities include civic club presentations, sporting events, information booths at community events, forestry field days, and visits to school groups, which are carried out across the state to reach individuals at the community level.

Two topic-specific outreach programs were housed within the Public Outreach Division in FY22, the Firewise Program and the Underserved Landowner Outreach Program.

Public Outreach Officers provide customized presentations and displays for schools, community organizations, and events based on the following topics:

• Wildfire Prevention
• Smokey Bear Appearances
• Firewise
• Forest Health
• Forest Stewardship
• General MFC Information
• Best Management Practices
• Underserved Landowner Outreach Program
• Urban and Community Forestry

MFC Outreach Programs
Adult and Youth Programs 260
Participants 230,216

Quick Facts