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Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report

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Forest Management

The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) is charged with promoting sound forest management practices, which help maintain the integrity of the environment and provide for our state’s future natural resource needs. The MFC offers a variety of forest management programs and services to assist private landowners. The MFC also provides forest management assistance on School Trust forestland in Mississippi.

The Forest Management Department provides private forest landowners with limited on-the-ground services, technical assistance, cost-share assistance, and advice to increase timber production and provide for the sustainable management of forest resources.

FY18 Forest Management Accomplishments


Private Land Activities
Landowners Assisted 7,316
*Total Forest Management Plans 1,535
Acres under Management Plans 94,683
Prescribed Burning (Acres) 13,081


Public Land Activities
Timber Sale Receipts $10,281,525
Number of Sales 174
Acres Regenerated 6,950
Boundary Line Maintenance (Miles) 414
Firebreak Maintenance (Miles) 782
Prescribed Burning (Acres) 12,483


Prescribed Burning
Private & Public Land Total (Acres) 25,564


Forest Resource Development Program
Acres Regenerated or Improved 31,053
Funds Distributed $1,920,507


Invasive Plant Control Program for Cogongrass Suppression
Landowners Inspected 86
Total Infested Spots Treated 831
Total Infested Acres Treated 253

Quick Facts

  • $1.92 million in Forest Management Development Program funding was distributed to private forest landowners, and 31,053 acres were regenerated or improved.
  • The combined revenue from timber sales on Mississippi school trust lands and other public lands totaled $10.28 million.
  • 94,683 acres were reported under a Certified Stewardship plan or other type of forest management plan in FY18.
  • In FY18, the Southern Pine Beetle continued to threaten more timber in the southern region of the United States than any other forest insect. MFC continued to partner with the USDA Forest Service to administer the Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program.
  • The Griffith Tract, 1,233 contiguous acres along the Pascagoula River in George/Jackson counties, was acquired by the Forest Legacy Program.

Forest Protection

MFC Wildland Firefighters work long hours in demanding and dangerous conditions to protect lives, homes, and natural resources.The MFC suppresses, monitors, and detects wildfire activity occurring day and night on approximately 19.8 million acres of forestland statewide.

FY18 Wildfires by Cause

Cause Wildfires Acres Burned
Lightning 1 1
Campfire 1 32
Smoking 2 12
Debris Burning 353 3,413
Incendiary 173 3,651
Equipment Use 22 148
Railroad 2 11
Children 2 9
Miscellaneous 231 3,752
Undetermined 9 175
Total 796 11,204

Quick Facts

  • In FY18, debris burns that escaped control were the leading cause of wildfires in Mississippi.
  • MFC Wildland Firefighters responded to & suppressed 796 wildfires that burned 11,204 acres and damaged or destroyed 63 structures.
  • The average wildfire size was 14 acres.
  • $10.3 million in wildland firefighting vehicles & equipment were issued to Mississippi VFDs through the FEPP/FFP programs.
  • The MFC awarded 49 grants with a total value of $207,500 to Volunteer Fire Departments.
  • 1,654 structures were threatened by wildfire activity & saved by MFC Wildland Firefighters.

Forest Information

The MFC distributes relevant information to the public regarding all MFC program areas. The Forest Information Department supports MFC program areas by providing information dissemination, educational presentations, and public relations support. This Department oversees media relations, internal and external communications, agency publications, and management of the MFC’s digital presence.

The Forest Information Department utilizes mass media (radio, television, newspaper, web, print) and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) to reach the public.

MFC Outreach Programs
Adult & Youth Programs 276
Participants 161,798*

*Data does not include participants from the MS State Fair, MS Wildlife Extravaganza, or the MS Garden and Patio Show.

Quick Facts

  • $59,299 was distributed to state and local governments, non-profit groups, and educational institutions through the Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grant Program.