Forest Stewardship Management Plans are based on sound management principles designed to restore and protect forest resources while improving fish and wildlife habitats. Forest Stewardship Management Plans share the same format as those required for American Tree Farm System certification. Forest management plans help non-industrial private forest landowners determine a long-term strategy for managing their forestland, ensuring that it is healthy and sustainable for years to come.

With the help of the MFC Area Forester that serves your county, you can define goals for your forestland, and outline the necessary steps to reach those goals. To find the Area Forester for each county, visit and click on the appropriate county. 
landowner consultation in the woodsThe Forest Stewardship Program is funded by the USDA Forest Service and administered by the Mississippi Forestry Commission. Technical assistance is provided by local, federal, state, and private natural resource agencies and organizations. The State Plan for the Mississippi Forest Stewardship Program provides the framework for how the Forest Stewardship Program is conducted in Mississippi. The State Plan also contains stewardship background, guidelines, and forms for landowners and resource professionals.  The Mississippi Forest Stewardship Program promotes the active and informed participation of private landowners in the management and use of all natural resources in their care. This management program is based on the concept that forest landowners can receive the best in total resource management by combining quality natural resource planning with sound management principles. Landowners participating in the Mississippi Forest Stewardship Program can enjoy the many benefits derived from a well-managed forest while knowing future generations will appreciate a legacy built on the stewardship ethic. 














Photo by Leslie Robertson, courtesy National Association of State Foresters