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Statewide Wildfire Risk Alert

Today, March 5th has a very high threat for wildfire in Mississippi. The current weather conditions are dry and breezy along with critically low relative humidity. These elements create an increased risk for devastating wildland fires. The Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) is strongly encouraging the public to postpone burning activities until further notice.

There are currently 10 counties in Mississippi under a burn ban. No outdoor burning of any kind is permitted during a burn ban. MFC will be continually monitoring conditions and updating the list of counties under a burn ban. To view the list and for more information on burn bans, visit

“The winds are picking up across the state with gusts in some areas over 17 mph,” said MFC state forester Russell Bozeman. “We are asking Mississippians to use caution when doing outdoor activities, and to not do any outdoor burning.”

MFC dispatches wildland firefighting personnel and equipment to the location of reported wildfire activity 24/7. MFC’s Wildland Firefighters work long hours in dangerous conditions to protect lives, homes, and natural resources. In the last 24 hours, MFC contained 86 wildfires that burned over 3,000 acres. The South Region of Mississippi had 49 of those fires burning over 2,000 acres.

The MFC encourages caution around ignition sources, such as discarding cigarette butts and parking vehicles over dry grass. If you spot a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 911 and MFC Dispatch at 1-833-MFC-FIRE.

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