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Giachelli Named Mississippi Forestry Commission Fire Chief

Effective October 1, 2017, Randy Giachelli will be the new Fire Chief for the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

State Forester Charlie Morgan announced that effective October 1, 2017, Randy Giachelli will be the new Fire Chief for the Mississippi Forestry Commission. Mr. Giachelli began his career with the agency as a Forestry Technician and moved up through the ranks to Assistant Regional Forester, Region 3. Mr. Giachelli has served on multiple federal detail deployments as a single-resource. Some of his job titles on federal detail have included Crew Boss, Heavy Equipment Boss, Engine Boss, and Strike Team Leader Trainee. He has responded to wildfire incidents in Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, California, Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana. Mr. Giachelli also serves as the Incident Commander for Mississippi’s All-Hazard Incident Management Response Team.

“We are very fortunate to have Mr. Giachelli in this role,” said Charlie Morgan, State Forester. “His background in forestry, incident management, and wildland firefighting will serve him well as he moves into the Fire Chief position. Mr. Giachelli’s skill set has already proven to be an asset to the agency in his previous positions. We look forward to his tenure serving the State of Mississippi as Fire Chief.”

As Fire Chief for the Mississippi Forestry Commission, Mr. Giachelli will monitor and coordinate Mississippi’s wildland firefighting response activities, supervise federal deployments, and oversee the protection of our state’s natural resources to ensure healthy and productive forests for the people of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission’s mission is to provide active leadership in forest protection, forest management, forest inventory and effective forest information distribution, necessary for Mississippi’s sustainable forest-based economy. For more information, please visit our website at


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Portrait of Randy Giachelli, Fire Chief
Randy Giachelli, Fire Chief, Mississippi Forestry Commission