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In Fiscal Year 2016, the Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) responded to and suppressed 1,916 ‪wildfires that burned 31,370 acres. During this time, MFC wildland firefighters were able to save 2,073 residences, outbuildings, and commercial structures threatened by wildfire activity. 

The Mississippi Forestry Commission is charged by law to suppress wildfires occurring day or night on approximately 19.8 million acres of timbered and uncultivated lands. Wildfire detection is provided by airplane surveillance coupled with the wildfire reports from the public (using toll-free numbers provided by the Mississippi Forestry Commission), and dispatch calls from local law enforcement. County fire suppression crews are dispatched from a central dispatching location in their area.


Mississippi Code Section 49-19-25

Authorizes the Mississippi Forestry Commission to enter any and all lands for the purpose of suppressing and controlling any fires declared a public nuisance by reason of its menace to life and property. This law also authorizes the Mississippi Forestry Commission to charge for all costs associated with suppressing the fire. Any open cistern or well, which has been abandoned or is not longer used for the purpose of cistern or well is hereby declared to be public nuisance by reason of its menace to life and property, and the Mississippi Forestry Commission is authorized to seal such cistern or well for a reasonable fee.

Mississippi Code Section 95-5-25

Establishes the penalty and fine for wantonly negligently or carelessly allowing any fire to get onto the lands of another, he shall be liable.