woodsTo find a registered forester to assist with your timber sale, visit the Mississippi Board of Registration for Foresters website.

The Mississippi Timber Price Report, a quarterly report produced by Mississippi State University, may assist you in determining market trends when planning a timber sale.

Here are a few tips to begin the process of selling your timber

  1. Rely on the expertise of a registered forester to help with your harvest planning and timber sale prevents surprises to both the seller and buyer and helps landowners get the most out of their timberland. Remember, your best interest should be the top priority of anyone you hire to assist with your timber sale. The registered forester that you choose should fully disclose and resolve any potential conflicts of interest before agreeing to work on your timber sale.
  2. Develop a forest management plan. Properly managed forests yield more timber, have a higher net present value, suffer fewer environmental impacts, and enhance wildlife habitat more than non-managed forests. Forest management plans are also required for third-party certification and future markets, such as Woody Biomass and Carbon Sequestration.
  3. Pre-harvest planning will ensure that your forest management objectives and goals are not compromised. It will reduce opportunities for misunderstandings between you and the buyer and/or logger. Clearly marking sale boundary lines will help ensure that the logger does not cut non-designated trees and/or trespass on neighboring property.
  4. Determine a selling method, timber is generally sold by one of two methods: negotiation or sealed bid. Seek the advice of your Registered Forester to determine which method is best for your harvesting objectives. 
  5. Have a contract. A written contract is essential and will reduce surprises to both you and the buyer and/or logger. Preparing a contract encourages forethought and planning, which will minimize difficulties and ensure that the transaction meets your expectations.

Click here for a brochure with more detailed advice on selling your timber.

loggingTo locate a registered forester in Mississippi, visit the Mississippi Board of Registration for Foresters website.

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