Private Landowner with MFC Employee Photo OpThe Mississippi Forestry Commission offers a variety of services, programs, and resources to non-industrial private forest landowners of relatively small acreages. Landowners with large tracts of forestland are routinely referred to private consulting foresters.

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Please contact the local office that serves your area for more information about available local resources.

Private Landowner Services

Most technical assistance and forestry advice is free to the landowner. Direct services are available for a fee. Prices and types of service may vary on an individual job basis.  Some of these services may be obtained from private vendors.  Contact your local Mississippi Forestry Commission Region Office for requested services. 

Services provided free-of-charge:

  • Preparing forest management plans (up to 250 acres)
  • Conducting compliance checks for state and federal forest improvement cost-share programs
  • Providing forest management advice regarding: forest-damaging insects, diseases, invasive species, and Best Management Practices (BMPs) to improve forest productivity and water quality

Direct services for a fee: 

  • Hazard mitigation/ prescribed burning 
  • Firelane/firebreak establishment and maintenance
  • Logging road/skid trail/loading deck maintenance
  • Southern Pine Beetle suppression activities (ground location, flagging, marking, coordination of harvest)

Direct services for a fee - provider of last resort, only if the landowner is unable to find another available source:

  • Tree planting/seeding (landowner must provide seed or seedlings)
  • Vegetation management (control of competition, wildlife habitat enhancement, and invasive species control, landowner must provide herbicide and surfactant)

The Mississippi Forestry Commission assists Mississippi timber owners in forest pest management by conducting forest pest surveys and evaluations. Recommendations on practices to salvage timber, reduce, and prevent damage from forest pests, will be provided to landowners upon request.

Private Landowner Programs

Forest Resource Development Program (FRDP) / Cost-share Program

Forest Stewardship

Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program

Cogongrass Control Program


Landowner Resources

Prescribed Burning Short Course

Burn Ban List (by county)

Report a Wildfire

Request a Burning Permit

Reforestation Tax Credit

Selling Your Timber

Mississippi Timber Price Report

Ask a Question


Please contact your local MFC office for more information on the services we provide in your area.