Chinese Tallow, also known as Popcorn trees, may look harmless but they are one of the top 10 worst invasive weeds in Mississippi. Popcorn trees are non-native invasive species that spread like wildfire, overtaking native vegetation, damaging wildlife habitats, and destroying nature’s balance. The leaves of popcorn trees have a distinct color which is usually light green. The base of the leaves can vary somewhat ranging from a rounded base to a heart-shaped base or even a point creating an overall shape similar to a diamond. It also has dangling yellow flowers and fruit that looks a little like popcorn.Popcorn trees are deceptive, they look attractive and ornamental - but are actually highly invasive and will quickly damage the native ecosystem wherever they are planted. By reporting the location of these trees, you can help the Mississippi Forestry Commission get a full picture of Mississippi’s popcorn tree problem, which is the first step to combating the spread of this invasive species.

Help the Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) stop the spread of this invasive species. Report sightings to:

The MFC is currently taking applications from municipalities statewide to assist with popcorn tree control. 

To apply, please contact:Popcorn Tree

Todd Matthews
Urban Forestry & Forest Health Coordinator
Cell: (662) 361-4272

For more information about how to control this invasive tree, please visit:


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