The Mississippi Forest Action Plan was created in response to a requirement of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (U.S. Farm Bill). In FY10, the MFC completed a statewide forest resource assessment and a long-term statewide forest resource strategy titled Mississippi’s Assessment of Forest Resources and Forest Resource Strategy. This assessment and strategy allowed Mississippi to receive funds under the amended Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act. The assessment provided an analysis of forest conditions and trends in the state and delineated priority to rural and urban forest landscape areas. The strategy provided general long-term plans for investing state, federal, and other resources to effectively stimulate (or leverage) desired action and engage multiple partners. In FY11, the state assessment and strategy was put into action and effectively became known as the State Forest Action Plan. In FY15, the State Forest Action Plan continued to act as a set of guidelines for forest management activities conducted by the Commission throughout the state. 

Mississippi's Assessment of Forest Resources & Forest Resource Strategy - July 2010

Forest Resource Assessment

The Mississippi Forest Resource Assessment includes qualitative, quantitative, geospatial, and non-geospatial data to identify priorities and complete the assessment.
The assessment includes:

  • An analysis of present and future forest conditions and trends
  • Forest issues including threats, benefits, and services
  • Future opportunities for forest resources and priority forest landscapes
  • Priority rural and urban forest landscapes
  • Multi-State or regional priority areas
  • A review of existing statewide natural resource plans


Forest Resource Strategy

Mississippi’s Forest Resource Strategy provides a long-term, comprehensive, coordinated strategy for investing state, federal, and other resources to the management of priority landscapes as identified in the forest assessment.
The strategy includes the following components:

  • Outline long-term strategies for addressing priority landscapes identified in the Forest Resource Assessment while following the three National Themes (Conserve Working Forest Lands, Protect Forests from Harm, and Enhance Public Benefits from Trees and Forests)
  • Describe how the state proposes to invest funding in addressing forest management objectives
  • Include long-term timeline for projects and program implementation
  • Identify partner and stakeholder involvement
  • Identify strategies for monitoring outcomes
  • Describe how the state’s proposed activities will accomplish USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry program objectives
  • Describe how State and Private Forestry programs will be used to address priority landscape and management objective
  • Incorporate existing statewide natural resource plans


Additional Information

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