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Forest Ranger I

Region 4, Area 41

Deadline to Apply: September 22, 2021

Characteristics of Work

This is routine work involved in serving as a member of a forest fire suppression crew in an assigned area of the state. The work involves working as a member of a crew in preventing and suppressing forest fires, maintenance of fire fighting equipment, construction and maintenance of fire breaks, assisting in timber marking, loading and unloading fire fighting equipment, using hand tools in suppressing fires, and maintaining work centers. The work is performed under the general direction of a forester. Direct supervision may be delegated to a forestry technician or other superior.

Examples of Work

Examples of work performed in this classification include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Serves as a member on the fire control unit.
  • Assists in loading and unloading tractors and other fire fighting equipment.
  • Assists in servicing equipment and making minor repairs.
  • Serves as a member of a timber marking crew.
  • Assists in the maintenance of work centers.
  • Constructs and maintains fire breaks.
  • Assists in plowing fire lines.
  • Assists in improving timber stands and other resource management practices, as directed.
  • Assists in locating tracts using a county road map and following central dispatch directions.
  • Performs related or similar duties as required or assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

These minimum qualifications have been agreed upon by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in this job class and are based upon a job analysis and the essential functions. However, if a candidate believes he/she is qualified for the job although he/she does not have the minimum qualifications set forth below, he/she may request special consideration through substitution of related education and experience, demonstrating the ability to perform the essential functions of the position. Any request to substitute related education or experience for minimum qualifications must be addressed to the Mississippi State Personnel Board in writing, identifying the related education and experience which demonstrates the candidate’s ability to perform all essential functions of the position.

Experience/Educational Requirements


Graduation from a standard four-year high school or equivalent (GED or High School Equivalency Diploma).


Incumbents who are required to fight wildfires or conduct field work on a routine basis must successfully complete a Moderate Pack Test within ninety (90) days of hire date and annually thereafter.

Documentation Required

Applicant must possess a valid Mississippi Driver’s License or a valid Driver’s License from a contiguous state. The hiring agency will verify.

Essential Functions

Additional essential functions may be identified and included by the hiring agency. The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Participates in preventing and suppressing forest fires.
  2. Maintains and repairs fire fighting equipment and work centers.
  3. Participates in timber marking and resource management practices.