Urban Forestry Videos

We are proud to announce that “Green Brings Green” a short film created for the Mississippi Forestry Commission, won a bronze Telly in the “Online Video - Education” category of the 36th annual awards in 2015. It was a pleasure to work with Tellos Creative to develop a short film that both educates and stimulates resource professionals that manage urban and community forests in Mississippi.

green brings green video






Click the photo above or click here to visit our YouTube channel and view “Green Brings Green”

Click here to view "Trees Define the Neighborhood"

Click here to view "Grow Trees To Grow Quality of Place"

Click here to view "Hazardous Tree Assessments for Homeowners" 

Click here to view "Hazardous Tree Assessments for Cities"

Urban Forestry Resources

Money Can Grow On Trees - A thought-provoking article by John Huddleston, former president of the Mississippi Urban Forest Council.

Urban Forestry  - Facts supporting the need for managing the community forest.

The Community Forest - A Useful Tool To Help Mitigate Non-Point Source Pollution And Manage Stormwater (pdf format) - A publication on how to put your trees to work treating non-point source pollution and managing stormwater in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner

Preserving Trees in Construction Sites - Protection and the highest quality of care are the keys to preserving trees in construction sites.  Health decline and death following construction are usually caused by damage inflicted on the root system.

For more information on the Urban and Community Forestry program, please contact:

Misty Booth
Urban & Community Forestry Coordinator
Cell: (601) 213-6683
Email: mbooth@mfc.ms.gov