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Forestry Inventory

Mill Locator for the southern United States

Primary Forest Product Network Mill locator.  Select state from a drop down menu to see mill locations and mill types on a map.




Latest Publications by the Mississippi Institute of Forest Inventory:


inventory map

Delta Mississippi Forest Inventory 2009

North Mississippi Forest Inventory 2008

Central Mississippi Forest Inventory 2007

Southeast Mississippi Forest Inventory 2013-2014  (New)

Southwest Mississippi Forest Inventory 2012-2013 

Initial Estimates of Hurricane Katrina Impacts on Mississippi Gulf Coast Forest Resources.  (A joint publication between the Mississippi Institute of Forest Inventory and USDA Forest Service.)

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Pulp-Paper-Solid Wood Manufacturing Facilities in Mississippi: 

Chip Mills

Pole Mills

Hardwood Saw Mills #1

Other Mills #1

Pulp Mills

Hardwood Saw Mills #2

Other Mills #2

Plywood-OSB Mills

Softwood Saw Mills 

Other Mills #3






Selected Publications from the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station:





Deep South



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Check out the Mississippi Institute of Forest Inventory website for additional information on forest inventory.



For more information on Forest Inventory, contact:


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