The Office of Forest Information supports all Mississippi Forestry Commission program areas by providing information dissemination, educational presentations, and public relations support. The Office of Forest Information utilizes mass media outlets (e.g., radio, television, and newspaper) to release forestry and agency information to the public at large. A variety of delivery methods are used in order to reach the public in the most effective manner.


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Objectives of the Office of Forest Information include:

  • To share/disseminate forestry and related information to appropriate publics
  • To educate youth and adults about forestry and related issues and Mississippi Forestry Commission services and programs
  • To inform the citizens of Mississippi of the threat to forest health (fire, insects, disease, severe storm damage, etc.)
  • To support the Mississippi Forestry Commission's programs in the form of publicity, public awareness
  • To be a liaison with other organizations and agencies in order to present forestry and related programs and information.

 Program areas: